The Slowgrass Rollers were put together by singer/songwriter Jef Neely, while in the course of recording what was to be a solo release; however, the songs came together in such a way that it felt more like a band. Drummer Jeff Armstrong, of the Delta Generators, Joe Clapp, of Ultrasound productions and Mark Purcell, a local musician and singer/songwriter, all helped shaped the unmistakable sound. The goal was to mix old time sounds with a modern influence.  When Rock and Roll divorced, Rock went on to be the sound of the 70’s 80’s and beyond.  The sound of The Slowgrass Rollers is where Roll went; music that makes you want to move and feels like a good time.  It could be described as sounding like a mix of early Sun records Recordings to the Grateful Dead, to Tom Petty or even Creedence Clearwater Revival. This is a new and refreshing take on Americana.